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Vandenbussche D., Nemhauser G. L.'s A branch-and-cut algorithm for nonconvex quadratic programs PDF

By Vandenbussche D., Nemhauser G. L.

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GetUpperBound(0) If (pArr(x) = item) Then pArr(x) = "" position = x Exit For End If Next ShiftUp(position) pCount -= 1 End Sub These comprise the primary methods needed by a custom Collection class. The last feature we need to implement is a way to enumerate the collection so that we can iterate over the collection using the For Each statement. Implementing an Enumerator To use the For Each statement with our custom Collection class we need to implement the IEnumerable interface. IEnumerable exposes an enumerator, which is necessary for iteration over a collection.

We’ll look at two of them here—Remove and Item— and save the others as exercises. The Item method can be implemented as either a subprocedure or as a Property method. We’ll choose to build the method as a Property here because we can use one of the features of the Property method to keep our collection strongly typed. Property methods are typically used to allow “assignment” access to private data in a class. “Assignment” access means that rather than a message-passing model, data are passed to a class using assignment statements.

R Insert: Inserts an element into the collection at the specified index. r Remove: Removes the first occurrence of a specific object from the collec- tion. r Contains: Determines whether the collection contains a specific element. r IndexOf: Searches for the specified element and returns the zero-based index of the first occurrence within the collection. r CopyTo: Copies the entire collection to a compatible one-dimensional ar- ray, starting at the specified index of the target array. The Public methods of the CollectionBase class are r Clear: Removes all objects from the collection.

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A branch-and-cut algorithm for nonconvex quadratic programs with box constraints by Vandenbussche D., Nemhauser G. L.

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