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Download PDF by Clive Kristen, David Johnson: A French Restoration: The Pleasures And Perils of Renovating

By Clive Kristen, David Johnson

ISBN-10: 1845280687

ISBN-13: 9781845280680

ISBN-10: 1848031742

ISBN-13: 9781848031746

This paintings is a captivating and informative account of renovating a estate in France. in case you fall in love logic flies out of the window. this can be the way it used to be for David and Doris Johnson after they discovered a down-at-heel mini chateau within the heartland of France. a 3 12 months recovery started - and with it a trip of discovery. French estate professional Clive Kristen used to be interested in the topic instantly. this is often the a laugh and educational tale of the Johnson's recovery, written to aid others desirous to embark all alone French maintenance.

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Anne had arranged for us to liaise with a local agent to take us round the first batch of properties. We followed the directions to the agent's office and unerringly navigated our way to another hedgerow. I performed a nifty nine point turn and we drove slowly back up the lane until Doris spotted the mill building. The agency sign suggested that we had found the correct address. Again we parked the car tight against the hedgerow. 30. We were bang on time. Here there was no rutted track to navigate - just a gate rusted shut on its hinges and a low slung cur (possibly a Doberman Dachshund) beyond.

Doris said he was very nice. Sympathetic. Understanding. His was also the owner of a sleek red soft-top car. 'This is my kitchen,' she said, gesturing at the water-filled gaping hole. He read the situation immediately. I think Doris's cries of anguish may have helped. Anyway, two days later they arrived to do the job. They were a couple of almost stereotypical French workmen polite, hard working and easy to get on with. The problem was it was still August and they had not been able to get their hands on essential supplies - most specifically what was required in the way of washers.

35 A French Restoration Photo 5The new washing machine and the old electrics I reminded Doris that the old village lavabo (washing place) was strategically placed just across the road so that the dirt discharged directly into the river. This I considered to be a silver lining. Doris's response was that not even her shortest-term plans included scrubbing my underwear in full view of the local population. That was fair enough. We began our search for a new machine immediately. We sorted the pile of junk mail that had not yet been discarded; there were plenty of electrical goods on offer, but almost all were subject to monstrous delivery charges.

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A French Restoration: The Pleasures And Perils of Renovating a Property in France by Clive Kristen, David Johnson

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