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Brian Freemantle's A Mind to Kill PDF

By Brian Freemantle

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She felt lost, falling into darkness, her stomach hollowed. ’ ‘Yes. ’ interrupted Perry. ‘Yes,’ repeated Jennifer, distantly. ‘We parked the car. I remember going into the building. Getting into the lift. Then I was covered in blood. Bleeding myself. ’ Just the blood, blood all over Gerald He was dead: wonderful, darling Gerald was dead. ’ It took longer this time for Jennifer to stop crying. She sobbed into the bandaged hand – hurting herself with the tug of the saline needle trying to bring her other hand up to her face – managing to mumble a protest only when she heard Johnson say to the other lawyer that he thought they should call someone.

She’d read all the newspaper reports and gone through everything with Gerald – so many times he’d grown angry and wouldn’t talk about it any more – before finally accepting there was nothing to reproach herself for. So it wasn’t that. It was the even earlier unease. It had been there from the very start of the affair, the first night even, long before she’d ever fallen in love with Gerald and realized that it wasn’t simply an affair after all. The moment, in fact, she’d decided she’d been stupid to become involved with a married man and that everything was going to end in the mess it had.

Nice legs though, all the way up to her ass: good tits, too. ’ ‘Inspector,’ corrected Bentley, nodding sideways to the other man. ’ Rebecca sighed.

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A Mind to Kill by Brian Freemantle

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